We are Gisela, Frank and Florian. Our two Bengal Cats Tabita and Anju and the tomcat Aiko are members of our family. Because it is our opinion, that dogs and cats belong together also the Sheltie girls Farina and Shila are living with us like the male Sheltie Buddy. We are also breeder of these lovely kind of dogs.

Shelties vom Aggergrund

We are a small Bengal breeding cattery in Germany near Cologne, registrated by TICA. In this cattery the Bengal kittens grow up with the family of the breeder who takes a special care of their socialization.

Our Bengal cats have a beautiful look and an extra lovelable character. This is the reason why we wish to develop these attributes with our breeding cattery.

Our Bengal Cats will be shown in several exhibitions so that they guarantee to be full-blooded with the look and the character of real Bengal cats. All kittens of our breeding cattery have a pedigree.

Bengal cats look as wild as leopards, their nature is remarkably cuddly, active and intelligent. Most of these mini leopards love water and like to take a shower with us.

Our Bengal kitten will be born in a homely warm room where they live the first weeks of their life. As soon as the become adventuresome they get the possibility to explore the whole house. We are taking a special care of their socialization. Therefore in the first 12 weeks of their life the kittens become acquainted with humans as social partners. We show them several places and sounds in the house we are living. Later on the bengal kittens will meet our dogs and so they will learn to respect other animals and their nature.

We as a breeder of Bengal ( Leopard ) cats take care of our kittens that they get the best socialisation in our breedery.