If you have are any questions or if you want to give our kittens a loviing home I would really enjoy your call +49 (0)2265 990173 or your Email (just click here)

Our kittens have a very good bloodline (Gogees and Artattack), a wild look with nice contrast (golden coated with black rossettes), a white underside, with strong bones and a Bengal typical body. The kittens in my breedery are living close together with us and are getting the best socialisation, so that they are growing up to cuddly, nocey and adorable cats.

There are individual prices for our Bengal cats, depending on their look. The price for a pet or as show cat starts at 950 € up to 1.250 €. Bengals sold as pets or as show cats are never allowed to be used for breeding.

We as a breeder of Bengal ( Leopard ) cats take care of our kittens that they get the best socialisation in our breedery.