The Bengal is a domestic cat, the design is reminiscent of its origin, the wild felis bengalensis (ALC Asian Leopard Cat). Bengals are hybrids, which means that they descend from matings of ALC with shorthaired domestic cats. The geneticist Jean Mill did this for the fist time in the year 1963. During the development to the domestic Bengalcat the cats were crossed with races like Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian, Oriental Shorthair or American Shorthair. By now the Bengals were bred only homozygously, which means Bengal is crossed with Bengal.

The Bengal's nature is really special: They have a sound character, are very nosey, gentle, friendly, never agressive, clinging, cuddly, sleek. Their body is muscular, mid-size to large, the coat is shorthaired and extremely silky and soft.

Such a mini leopardcat is jumping, climbing, running and playful with a lot of joy all through the house. Therefore we release our kittens only to families in which another cat (or dog) has found a loving home. In this case it is all the same if the new playfellow of our kitten is full-blooded or had to live in an animal shelter before. The most important thing is that the Bengalcat has the possibility to live together with another four-legged fellow, so that there is no room for boredom. Only with this condition this active cat will be happy all around and will enjoy tenderness with its two-legged family members.

The Bengal cat has a unique ability to "talk" to their human family with its special voice. I have never heard this cooing and singing from any other breed of cat. The Bengal also loves water and loves to take a shower with us humans. Another unique trait of the Bengal cat. Most breeds of cats hate water.

Its wild look, enjoyment of water and the enormous bounce are attributes which the bengalcat has conserved from its wild relatives until today. Bengals are mid-sized to large domestic cats with a muscular and athletic body. With their long and brawny legs they look elegant and never bearish. With their intelligence and cuddly character they are mini leopards that learn quickly to respect other animals and/or to love them. The Bengalcat will never destroy things as soon as she knows what we humans allow and what she shouldn't do. Her behaviour is reminiscent of a dog. So she is able to handle exercises, for instance to retrieve objects, and she is following her two legged friend at every turn.

We as a breeder of Bengal ( Leopard ) cats take care of our kittens that they get the best socialisation in our breedery.